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F2 90-600 Ton

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine


F2. series Injection molding machine is a newly improved version under the many years successful experience of F series. The improvement Includes: deslgn parameters, mechanical features, appearance and structure. Finite element analysis ensures the hardness and robustness of frame, damping unit and Injection unit .New version offers more flexibility to meet various requirements of our customers.
  • Enlarged Tie Bar Distance
  • Enlarged Monld lbickness Range
  • Advanced Injection Unit Design
  • High Flexibility
  • Low Noise Oil Circnit Design
  • New Specifications
  • Sophisticated Control System

Clamping unit

  • Compact space saving toggle mechanism design.
  • Finite Element Analysis ensures all platens key stl1Jctural components for their maximum service life and best moulding results.
  • Advanced stress analysis software are applied to design of tie bars and screw.
  • Stable mould closing ,opening and adjustment.
  • Enlarged tie bar distance, mould opening stroke providing flexibility in using larger mould.
  • The ejector cylinder plate together with movable platen form a single piece of casting. This improves rigidity of both ejector cylinder support and the platen.
  • Increased ejector stroke and robustness of cylinder support specific for long hollow plastic parts.*



Hydraulic System

  • BOSCH/REXROTH Proportional pressure valve and flow valve fitted in our machines improve the control precision.
  • Adoption of vane pump that matches with proportional flow valve and pressurevalve, improves the control accuracy.
  •  Individual pressure valve adjusts the range of pressure, increase the controlprecision.
  •  All oil switches concentrated above oil circuit block easy for maintain and quick teaction.
  •  New design of hydraulic circuit ,easy for maintenance.
  • All the hydraulic parts and seals are from famous international manufacturer.